Photos of cool stuff.... really.  
I'm learning photography.... I love racing.... (particularly desert racing), so I thought I'd combine the two and offer you the opportunity to view (and hopefully buy) some of my pictures.

Cool pics from great opportunities
Every once in a while (ok - as often as I can), I get to go to desert races in Southern Nevada with my dad and take pictures. Combine that with the occasional chance to get pictures of other cool stuff around Las Vegas (like the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds, Red Rock Recreational Area and more) and you can see why I started this site. Between the two of us, we've ended up with plenty of pictures! All of the racing pictures are mine - the other stuff was mostly taken by my dad. We hope you enjoy them! Take a look around!!


NOTICE: You'll see that some pictures do not have prices on them. The photos without prices are NOT for sale. For example, the SCORE desert racing photos are not for sale. We don't nake exceptions to this, so don't ask.

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